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Ace Murder Mystery Games
[ ]

Provides murder mystery games for all teens and adults that can be played by 8 or 10 people.

Cinema FreeNet
[ ]

A filmatic six degrees of separation game. Links different actors, directors and producers in a fun game.

Dinner and a Murder
[ ]

Interactive murder mystery game for parties. Can be downloaded and needs 8 people to play.

Hen Party Games
[ ]

A website on the most fun hen party games to play on your hen night.

Hens Party Games
[ ]

Find free hens night games for your party, prizes and other entertainment ideas for hens parties, bachelorette parties, kitchen teas, invitations and more.

The Comprehensive X-Files Drinking Game
[ ]

A drinking game that can be played with a group of friends and is centered around the popular TV series, The X Files.